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Utilizing her passion and demonstrated expertise, Petra Pretorius, a family law attorney, has successfully managed a variety of cases, ranging from intricate to relatively straight forward.

Petra offers top-tier family law, divorce, estate planning, and property transfer services, aimed at meeting the needs of our clients and their families. Leading our team while assisting numerous clients navigate the court system with success.

A Breed Apart

Petra’s dedication to achieving the most favourable legal results and our constant emphasis on delivering excellent customer service are the driving forces behind our team. At Petra Pretorius Family Law Attorney, difficult legal issues are tackled with a deep grasp of our clients’ requirements and a commitment to utilizing our diverse legal knowledge to find solutions that serve their best interests.

The excellence of our legal services is unrivalled, allowing our team to provide exceptional legal advice across all major areas. If you require assistance with estate planning, property transfers, custody battles, child support, alimony, or divorce, our firm is here to help navigate your case.


Attentive and a dedicated One-on-One legal service, with clarity, steering clients on the right path.


Two decades of combined experience of family law, divorce, property transfers, deceased estates, deceased estate transfers and Last Will and Testament drafting.


Honest guidance and counsel, every step of the way through the challenges and intricacies of your case.